AUN Energy Use Scrutinized

Concerned with sustainability and the wise use of resources, the community has been focusing on AUN energy use. 

Two recent forums addressed issue in sharper focus, exploring cost-lowering measures. The first, an SITC seminar of April 17 presented by Dr. Ferdinand Che, observed that available data showed large monthly expenditure, thus making energy a significant annual overhead for the University.

Che explained that by pursuing energy-saving initiatives, AUN can greatly minimize its annual energy overhead and make significant impact in terms of greater economic growth as a result of an overall increase in energy capacity and a decrease in unit cost of energy in the Yola community.  Coming up with new solutions and serving as a model in innovation is, he reminded his audience, one of the primary goals of the University. 

Corroborating Dr. Che’s position, on Friday, April 25, the AUN Sustainability Initiatives office held a seminar proposing some environment-friendly and efficient practices. Dr. Charles Reith, who leads AUN’s sustainability efforts, said the University was making progress on the solar energy project at the mayor's office, and biodiesel projects on campus. 

He mentioned an upcoming government plan to encourage distributive generation and renewable fuel. Professor Reith was hopeful that in the event of the plan coming into force, the renewable-fuel component of current efforts will help to improve businesses and particularly work in AUN. "Energy is three or four times more expensive here than anywhere I have ever lived or worked and it costs the University in ways that make it difficult for us to meet all the expenses."

He appealed to security personnel, and residence directors to ensure that all energy appliances within their area of operation are turned off when not in use.

Mr. Michael Ameh, the Energy Consultant at AUN Sustainability office, observed that the project is aimed "to help save about 10 percent of the University’s energy spending in the coming year." He said this can be achieved by taking simple actions that include turning off the ACs, light bulbs, and any flowing water when not in use.

He urged security to be vigilant during shifts, and called on RDs to conduct energy-saving awareness meetings with their RAs.

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