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At the American University of Nigeria, all students have an Academic Advisor and once students have declared their major, they are assigned a Program/Chair Advisor that can be found in the appropriate school. Students that have also completed 60 credits or more would seek the advice from their Program/Chair Advisor in their perspective school as the first step in getting the right advice.
All Rising Potential students may see Ebenezer Otijele while students in the School of Arts and Sciences may see Eno Akpan; School of Business & Entrepreneurship students will want to see Daniel Ugwuede and IT students are encouraged to visit Jelena Zivkovic.
It is a good idea to meet with your Academic/Program/Chair Advisor before registration and as many times as necessary throughout the term. Juniors and Seniors need to meet with their Program/Chair Advisor when having to choose courses, changing majors, and preparing nearing graduation.
See your advisor to answer your questions about your academic requirements, policies and to plan out your academic career in the pursuit of graduation.
Rising Potential Students are required to see their Academic Advisor every other week for support and an update on your academic progress.
However, regardless of how many times two of you meet during the semester, each and every student should see his or her Academic and/or Program/Chair advisor prior to registration to be advised and to have the Advising Hold removed to allow enrollment for the next semester.  Only your advisor is authorized to remove this hold, so make sure you meet with your advisor before s/he leaves campus for the semester break.
Advising is a place to go to for any queries about your academic career in terms of seeking advice when it comes to choosing a major or courses, helping to understand your degree requirements, encouraging you to take advantage of the on campus resources and in supporting you on your academic journey.
President's List: 3.8/4 and above

Dean's List           3.5 to 3.799/4
Students are eligible for membership in the Honour Society beginning in their Sophomore year - earned 30 credit hours or more.
Must have a minimum CGPA of 3.5/4
An incomplete grade may be given to a student who due to extenuating circumstances (documented and confirmed illness, death of family member) is unable to complete the course requirement.
An ‘I’ can also be given only if the student is receiving a passing grade at the time the request is made. Arrangements for an incomplete grade must be made prior to the end of the course and the an incomplete grade form must be filled by the faculty member in its entirety and submitted to the office of the Registrar prior to the last day of classes for the semester.
Note: If a student receives an ‘I’, s/he has six weeks into the subsequent semester (includes summer session) to complete the course work. If the work is not completed within the six weeks and a final grade is not submitted to the office of the Registrar by the instructor, the incomplete grade is dropped and grade ‘F’ is automatically assigned.
Student who are unable to participate during regular registration period may register during the first week of classes on a space-available basis. After five complete days of classes, students will no longer be able to register for courses and must wait until the following semester. A late registration fee of 37,500 Naira may be applied when students miss the regular registration period and seek to enroll during Late Registration - the first week of classes.

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