Available Grants & Research Funds

At the American University of Nigerian Graduate school we help our graduate students scout for grants and research funds available to them. Below are available grants graduate students can apply for:


Mobile Health: Technology & Outcomes in LMICs (R21) - The purpose of this funding opportunity is to encourage exploratory/developmental research applications that propose to conduct research to develop or adapt innovative mobile health (mHealth) technology specifically suited for LMICs & determine the health-related outcomes associated w/ implementation of the technology. Of highest interest are innovative, well-designed multidisciplinary projects that aim to generate generalizable knowledge for the field. The overall goal is to contribute to the evidence base for the use of mobile technology to improve clinical outcomes & public health while building research capacity in LMICs & establishing research networks in this area. Applicants are required to propose partnerships b/w at least one U.S. institution & one LMIC institution & the proposed research plan should strengthen the mHealth research capabilities at the LMIC institution. IPA Deadlines: August 26, 2017;August 26, 2018
International Research Collaboration on Drug Abuse & Addiction Research (R21) - This call encourages collaborative research proposals on drug abuse & addiction that take advantage of special opportunities that exist outside the United States. Special opportunities include: access to unusual talent, resources, populations, or environmental conditions in other countries that will speed scientific discovery. FY15 priority areas include: linkages b/w HIV/AIDS & drug abuse; prevention, initiation, & treatment of nicotine & tobacco use (especially among vulnerable populations such as children, adolescents, pregnant women, & those with co-morbid disorders); the neuroscience of marijuana & cannabinoids; & the effect of changes in laws & policies on marijuana & its impact. The R21 code is intended to encourage exploratory & developmental research projects by providing support for early & conceptual stages of projects. Expiration Date: May 8, 2018
Development & Testing of Novel Interventions to Improve HIV Prevention, Care & Program Implementation (R34) - This call provides resources to support (a) pilot or feasibility studies of new or adapted interventions to prevent HIV infection among populations where substance use may be a contributing factor; (b) pilot or feasibility studies of new or adapted interventions to improve the care of HIV infection among populations where substance use is prevalent, including interventions that integrate treatment for substance use disorders & HIV infection; or (c)  pilot or feasibility studies to increase the scale, uptake, delivery, &/or quality of HIV prevention or care interventions w/ established evidence of efficacy. Both primary & secondary prevention will be supported. The full range of substance use will be considered including problematic episodic use & substance use disorders, as well as a full range of substances & modes of administration. The most important consideration is that substance use may affect transmission directly as in the case of injection or may affect transmission risk behavior. Domestic and overseas populations will be considered, w/ particular attention to populations with disproportionate burden of HIV infection & those where HIV infection &/or drug use are emergent. Expiration Date: May 8, 2018
Ethical, Legal & Policy Issues in HIV Research w/ Key Populations (R01 & R21) - This call encourages proposals focused on ethical, legal or policy challenges in relation to research studies or program implementation for HIV or associated co-morbidities, affecting one or more key populations. Empirical & conceptual research projects addressing these topics are welcome. Expiration Date: September 8, 2018
Dissemination & Implementation Research in Health (R01) - This funding opportunity encourages PIs to submit research grant applications that will identify, develop, test, evaluate &/or refine strategies to disseminate & implement evidence-based practices (e.g. behavioral interventions; prevention, early detection, diagnostic, treatment & disease management interventions; quality improvement programs) into public health, clinical practice, & community settings. In addition, studies to advance dissemination & implementation research methods & measures are encouraged. Expiration Date: May 8, 2019
Global Innovation Fund (GIF)
GIF has pledged £125M+ over 5 yrs to invest in innovations to global development challenges. ?Innovation? is broadly defined to include new business models, policy practices, technologies, behavioral insights, or ways of delivering products & services that benefit the poor in developing countries - any solution that has potential to address an important development problem more effectively than existing approaches from innovators who are committed to using & generating rigorous evidence about what works. Stages of funding:
Pilot: seed capital to support start-up & field testing of innovation (min £30,000)
Test & Transition: innovations that have already shown success at a small scale
Scaling Up: supports expansion of innovations that have already demonstrated a strong record of social impact & effectiveness (max £10M, for large scale innovations w/ potential to scale across countries). Resources: What they're looking for, FAQs, GIF's application format & process & what's ineligible for fundingDeadline: rolling


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