TEL 602: Broadcast Networks

Course Overview

In 2006 countries in ITU region 1 committed to a transition to digital television by the year 2015. After this year, digital TV broadcasters have no obligation to protect continuing analogue broadcasts from interference. This course first explains the fundamentals of television broadcast systems and then explores the advantages of digital TV both for production and transmission. A substantial part of the course then explores in detail the four main digital TV standards highlighting in each case the technological and economic advantages. The course highlights the value of a national digital plan that has to involve all stakes holder in any successful transition from analogue to digital TV before going on to illustrate analogue to digital switch over with a couple of specific case studies. The course concludes with a review of second generation digital TV standards exploring exploring their advantages over the older first generation standards.

Course Description

  •     Analogue TV broadcasting
  •     Introduction to digital TV technology
  •     Terrestrial digital TV systems design
  •     Digital TV broadcasting
  •     The formulation of a national digital broadcasting strategy leading to ASO
  •     ASO planning and execution
  •     Advances in audio-video delivery systems and evolution of digital broadcast TV

Learning Outcomes:

  •     Understanding of TV broadcasting as a one to many communication system
  •     Review of digital and analogue transmission technologies and advantages of digital transmissions
  •     Broad knowledge of first and second generation DTTV systems
  •     Awareness of TV broadcast regulatory issues
  •     Appreciation of the need for a national digital broadcast plan that incorporates analogue to digital TV switch over (ASO)
  •     Awareness of the need for detailed planning of ASO
  •     Understanding of need and possible means to facilitate ASO
  •     Assessment of example ASO processes through case studies


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