TEL 501: Telecommunications System Foundations:- Principles of data communications, Signaling, Transmission and Switching

Course Overview

The course provides a broad technical overview of telecommunication fundamentals, focusing on the principles of Data Communications, Signaling, Transmission and Switching. This course would allow participants to understand wired and wireless communications principles and standards. This is the fundamentals of Telecommunications systems which is necessary for understanding data communications, transmission and access systems.

Course Description

  •     Data communications Principles
  •     Communication protocols (ATM, X.25, IP, VoiP, DSL, ISDN, SMDS, Frame relay, QoS)
  •     Point-to-point and shared systems
  •     Multiplexing principles
  •     Connection modes (Connection oriented vs. Connectionless)
  •     Signalling Principles and concepts
  •     Channel associated signalling
  •     Common channel signalling
  •     Access & core signalling
  •     ITU SS7 and signalling security
  •     Switching Principles
  •     Package and message switching
  •     Digital switching
  •     Intelligent network
  •     Packet and legacy networks
  •     Types of switches
  •     NGN switching
  •     Transmission Principles and fundamentals
  •     Multiplexing (SDH, PDH, PCM, Optical, WDM, DWDM and FDM) principles
  •     Next generation SDH
  •     Fibre optic systems
  •     Satellite systems
  •     ISDN
  •     Microwave radio access systems

Learning Outcomes:

After completing this course the delegates should be able to:

  •     Understand wireless and wireline technologies
  •     Understand Data communication principles
  •     Understand signaling principles
  •     Understand  transmission principles


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