ICT 608: System Analysis and design - Object Oriented method (UML)

This course will focus on the application of the systems approach to the analysis and design of information systems. Topics covered include object-oriented analysis models and tools; use cases, system modeling using UML; requirements specification development; other techniques for information requirement analysis, systems analysis issues, design theory, design techniques, system development life cycle and project management issues and a term project;

Course Description

  •     Object-oriented analysis models and tools
  •     Use cases
  •     System modeling using UML
  •     Requirements specification development
  •     Other techniques for information requirement analysis
  •     Systems analysis issues
  •     Design theory
  •     Design techniques
  •     System development life cycle
  •     Project management issues and a term project

Upon successful completion of this course the student will be able to:

  •     Be familiar with software engineering issues such as correctness, reliability, productivity.
  •     Be familiar with organizational dynamics as it applies to projects.
  •     Be familiar with the system lifecycle approach and its phases.
  •     Be familiar with the distinction between analysis and design activities and skills.
  •     Be familiar with working with a team to produce requirements specification document.
  •     Be familiar with the purpose, structure and contents of a requirements specification document.
  •     Master applying an object-oriented methodology to the analysis of a real-world problem.
  •     Master writing use cases to model functional requirements.
  •     Master using UML use case, class, sequence and collaboration diagrams to model data and behavior requirements.
  •     Be familiar with non-functional requirements such as security, integrity, response time and reliability.
  •     Be familiar with using a UML tool.


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