ICT 606: IT Security and Computer Forensics

This course will include the following topics: Network security, hacker attacks, virus attacks, web security, e-mail security, e-commerce security, systems and operation environment security, database security, algorithms for making data communications secure; encryption and coding techniques and IP security. Issues such as organizational security policy, legal and ethical issues in security, standards and methodologies for security evaluation will also be covered.

Course Description

  •     Network security
  •     hacker attacks
  •     virus attacks
  •     web security
  •     e-mail security
  •     e-commerce security
  •     systems and operation environment security
  •     database security
  •     algorithms for making data communications secure
  •     encryption and coding techniques and IP security.

On successful completion of this course the student will be able to:

Understand issues regarding networking and network security; Understand the importance of general enterprise-wide security awareness in the day-to-day protection of an enterprise; To gain knowledge of ways that the security of a distributed information system can be protected and ways that it can be attacked; To acquire knowledge of various algorithms used to create secure network systems; To understand the hacker’s domain and be able to protect the system against such attack; To gain understanding of a cyber attack and ways to deal with such attack; To gain understanding on how to establish fundamental information security policies and procedures; To describe the threats and vulnerabilities facing an enterprise - both its physical and technical infrastructure and its intellectual property; To demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental tactical and strategic means of detecting and monitoring anomalous activity.

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