ICT 505: Operating system Concepts (Windows, Linux, virtual machines)

Object Oriented Application Development and Implementation

This course will be taught using Java, C# or C++.

Course Description

  •     Basic Objects and Classes
  •     Function and Operator Overloading
  •     Inheritance and Polymorphism
  •     Input and Output
  •     Memory Management
  •     Templates, Exception handling
  •     The Standard API & Library
  •     The ANSI/ISO Standard
  •     Development Environments (Debuggers, Profilers, Browsers)
  •     Object Oriented Methodologies (one in detail e.g. OMT/UML)
  •     Reverse engineering
  •     Case Study and a project in the area of Software Design for Advanced Communication Systems
  •     Software Reuse

Learning Outcomes:      

Students who successfully complete this course will:

Understand, in detail,

  •     virtual memory,
  •     kernel and user mode,
  •     system calls,
  •     threads,
  •     context switches,
  •     interrupts,
  •     interprocess communication,
  •     coordination of concurrent activities, and
  •     the interface between software and hardware.
  •     Most importantly, students will study the interactions between the concepts listed above, and how to manage the complexity introduced by their interactions.


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