General Education Program

The General Education Program is designed to provide course work and experience consistent with the mission and vision of the University and relevant to the needs of Nigeria, the region, and the world. All students must complete the General Education Program requirements to be eligible for graduation. The General Education Program is a rigorous sequence of University level courses that provides a broad foundation in multiple disciplines and opportunities for students to integrate their knowledge and develop their critical thinking skills. The program covers the basic areas of human knowledge and understanding, as well as essential skills.
The General Education program requirements comprise of 62 credit hours in core disciplines drawn from the School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Business and Entrepreneurship, and the School of Information Technology and Computing.  Courses completed in meeting the General Education Program core requirements may be applied toward meeting the requirements for the student's major degree program, depending on the requirements of that major. Students should consult with Academic Advising for guidance on course selection within the General Education Program.  

General Education Requirements:

AUN Seminar (3 credit hours)
GEN 101
Community Service (3 credit hours)
Choose any CDV course
Information Technology (4 credit hours)
ITC 101 (1)
INF 201 (3) or INF 402 (3)
Business and Entrepreneurship (6 credit hours)
ENT 101 (3)
ENT 201 (3)
Natural and Physical Sciences (7 credit hours)  
Choose any 4 credit course from BIO, CHE, GEO, NES, PHY (4)
Choose any 3 or 4 credit course from BIO, CHE, GEO, NES, PHY (3 /4)
Arts and Humanities (6 credit hours)
Choose any course from ARH, ART, ENG, MUS, PHI, FRE (3)
PHI 300 (3) Ethics and Leadership
Social and Behavioral Science (6 credit hours)
Choose any course from ANT, ECO, HIS, ICP, SOC, PSY (3)
Choose any course from ANT, ECO, HIS, ICP, SOC, PSY (3)
Civilizations and Cultures (6 credit hours)
CIV 101 or CIV 111 (3)
CIV 102, CIV 112, CIV 201 or CIV 211 (3)
Mathematics and Statistics (6 credit hours)
Choose any course from MAT or STA (3)
Choose any course from MAT or STA (3)
English and Writing (6 credit hours)
WRI 101 (3)
WRI 102 (3)
Free Electives (9 credit hours)
In addition to fulfilling the course requirements in the General Education Program as listed above, students must complete 9 credit hours of free electives. Free electives are those courses that are not required for the completion of the student's major degree program or for the general education courses listed above.  The student selects free electives as a way to explore areas of knowledge that are of interest outside the requirements of his/her program.


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