Student code of conduct and Academic Integrity Code

The central commitment of the American University of Nigeria (AUN) is to develop thoughtful and responsible human beings with the highest moral and ethical standards, within the context of a very diverse yet collaborative academic environment. This commitment is founded on the following core values of the University: Tolerance and understanding among national, ethnic, and religious groups; Freedom of Expression; Non-discrimination in the admission and employment processes with regard to gender, age, religion, nationality, ethnicity, physical ability, political affiliation, or personal relationships. Excellence and integrity are the core principles that guide us.

This Student code of conduct and Academic Integrity Code is designed to benefit and assist the AUN community in forming the highest standards of ethics and morals among its members. It is designed to foster the University‘s commitment to excellence and equity, while affirming the shared values that make community life possible. Students with alleged violations of the Student code of conduct and Academic Integrity Code should contact the Office of the Dean of Students to receive further information on disciplinary procedures.


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