Jennifer Che

MSc in Conservation Biology, Durrell Institute of Conservation, UK


Instructor, Natural & Environmental Sciences
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Prior to becoming an Instructor at AUN, Jennifer Che was the Coordinator for the Office of Sustainability (2013- 2017), helping to raise environmental awarenes in and outside the AUN community. She helped establish the Waste to Wealth program (local women crocheting recycled nylon bags as a business) and is now the main Consultant of the program. In addition, she has an extensive background of work raising environmental awareness in various communities, including people from a variety of backgrounds and across all age groups.  

She believes that the more people know about their surroundings the more they are interested in protecting it. She considers herself as a person of the world; born in Spain of a German mother and a British father; has lived in Spain, UK, USA, and Nigeria; and has traveled extensively throughout the world. Her passions include enjoying nature, the conservation of species, and reading.

AUN Courses
  • NES 101: Introduction to Environmental Sustainability
  • BIO 101: Exploring Life
  • NES 202: Principles of Ecology
Research Interests
Professional Affiliations