Wan J. Jahng

Ph.D, Organic Chemistry, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Associate Professor of Organic & Petroleum Chemistry
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Korea University (B.S. Agricultural Chemistry), Korea University (M.S. Organic Chemistry), University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Ph.D. Organic Chemistry), Harvard Medical School (Postdoc, Biochemistry), Assistant Professor (University of South Carolina, School of Medicine), Assistant Professor (Michigan Technolgical University, Biology)
AUN Courses
  • CHE 331 Instrumental Analysis
  • CHE 351 Hydrocarbon Chemistry
  • CHE 210 Organic Chemistry I
  • CHE 211 Organic Chemistry II
  • CHE 320 Petrochemicals and Polymers
  • CHE 350 Biochemistry
  • CHE 430 Petroleum Product Analysis and Evaluation
  • CHE 330 Analytical Chemistry
Research Interests
Professional Affiliations