Charles Nche

Ph.D in Computer Networks at Loughborough University of Technology, UK

Assistant Professor & Chair Computer Science/Software Eng
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Charles Nche area of specialty is in Computer networks and Telecommunications. He earned his PhD in Computer networks from Loughborough University of Technology, Britain. He holds an Electrical and Electronics Engineering degree and a master degree in Digital Communication Systems. Before joining AUN, he was a consultant for the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organization (CTO).

Charles has over 6 years experience in academia and over 17 years working in industries, for the likes of NemeriX, BroadCom, Marconi, Mitel and Coe Ltd. During this period, he has been involved with the design of GPS receiver for Satellite Navigation systems, VOIP, Physical layer protocols including ATM and SDH, Photonic DWDM networks
AUN Courses
  • Telecom Foundation (Master)
  • NGN & WiMAX (Master)
  • IP Networks (Master)
  • VOIP & MPLS (Master)
  • Data Communication and Computer Networking
  • Digital Systems and Design
  • Telecommunication Protocols
  • Computer Organization and Architecture
  • Telecommunication System and Architecture
Research Interests
Professional Affiliations