Emmanuel Ukpe

MS, Information & Telecommunications Systems, Johns Hopkins University (USA);

Instructor, Information Systems
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Emmanuel Ukpe holds an MBA degree in Accounting, MS degree in Communications Technology and MS degree in Telecommunications & Information Systems, from Southeastern University, Washington, DC, USA; Strayer University, Washington, DC, USA, and The Johns Hopkins University, Maryland, USA, respectively.  

Before coming to the American University of Nigeria (AUN), he was an Information Systems & Technology Manager, both with the government in the United States and Private Establishments.  Emmanuel also served, as an Information Technology Consultant with the DataXchange Corporation, entrusted with providing comprehensive Information Technology Applications for Business solutions, Security Assessment, Technology Analysis and Customization; IT migration for cross-platforms operations and an advocate for Knowledge Management Systems.

AUN Courses
  • INF 102/ CIE 111 Software Applications
  • INF 105Principles of Programming I
  • INF 106 Principles of Programming II
  • INF 201 Principles of Information Systems
  • INF / CIE 231 Fundamentals of Database,Web Technologies and Applications
  • INF 250 / CIE 333  Data and Computer Communication
  • INF 260 Systems Analysis & Design
  • CIE 302 Introduction to Operation Systems
  • INF 310 Operating Systems Security
  • INF 321 / CIE 321 Information System Project Management
  • INF 351Sec-Assur-Security and Auditing
  • INF 330 Policy and Administration in Information Security and Assurance
  • INF 331 Database Analysis and Design
  • INF 341 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • INF 351 Information Security Assurance & Auditing
  • INF 361 Process Modeling, Simulation and Solution Blueprinting
  • INF 402 Information Technology for Development
  • INF 405 Information Systems Strategy
  • INF 489 Web Database Driven Application Development
  • SEN 406 Technical Writing
Research Interests
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