AUN Visits Bomb Blast Victims At FMC, Donates Medicines

AUN representatives have donated some medical supplies to the neighboring Federal Medical Centre, Yola, for the treatment of victims of the bomb blast on Thursday at Jimeta Modern Market and met with their families.  

The donation was made on June 5, by the University’s delegation comprising Vice President Byron Bullock, Assistant Vice President Nourah Bamalli, AUN Clinic Administrator Philip Eappen, and former President of SGA Joseph Oladimeji.

Mr. Eappen said some of the medical provisions were diverted from the AUN Clinic for this emergency. The Clinic is presently mobilizing for blood donation from the University Community which will also be given to the FMC in aid of the victims.

Handing over the supplies, which included antibiotics, VP Bullock told FMC’s Head of Clinical Services, Bemi Kala, that AUN was there to commiserate with the victims, to provide support to aid their treatment, and to ascertain what more AUN can do to help in this tragic situation.  

At the time of the visit, the number of burned and injured could not be immediately ascertained. Victims were placed in a special improvised ward.  Mr. Kala said that the most severely wounded were brought from Specialist Hospital in Jimeta, and that some of them had needed urgent surgery.

Dr. Abdulfatai Salawu, FMC’s Deputy Head of Clinic Services, along with other clinical staff was present at the meeting.