Residence Hall Council Presents Students’ Talk Show

On November 12, the Residence Hall Council organized a Students’ Talk Show that featured the Chief Administrator of the AUN Clinic, Philip Eappen, as one of the guest speakers.

At the event that had Fashion & Style and Health as themes, Mr. Eappen stressed the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He said living a healthy lifestyle is about taking responsibility and making smart health choices.   
He maintained that practices such as eating a balanced diet, staying physically fit, getting enough sleep, and preventing of disease are critical habits that one should cultivate to be able to stay healthy even till old age. “The main factors affecting our health are what we eat and drink, our lifestyle, exercise, and sleep.”
He went on to mention some of the harmful foods  that people consume every day, among which are packed fruit juice, energy drink, fast foods, processed meat, coke and sodas, and canned foods. “Most of the packed juices contain very high amount of sugar flavor and preservatives.”
“Sugar stresses your pancreas, liver, and the digestive system. However, not all sugars are dangerous; natural sugars in fruits and honey are good for health, because they are simple sugars.”
The other speakers at the event were Somto Onyinamadu, Blessing Bello, Adams Saligoni, and Marilyn Elechi.
Chairman of the Residence Hall Council, Mr. Daniel Ugwuede, said the reason for the event was to allow students learn the opportunities in the fashion industry.
“This will in turn empower them to build their own fashion outfits and broaden their ideas of fashion from private to public space.”
Besides fashion, he said, “Another intention of this talk show was to educate students on the health hazards associated with not eating the right kind of diet, exercising or sleeping well, as well as measures to be taken in order to live healthier, longer, and happier lives.”

Forty-two Council executives were also inaugurated on the same day.

By Omorogbe Omorogiuwa