Fantastic Dr ASH!

Fantastic Dr ASH!

American University of Nigeria’s (AUN) Professor of Engineering, Dr. Abubakar Sadiq Husaini is popularly known as Dr. ASH. 

He is not just known for his larger than life personality and debonair outfits, he has also got a lot of brainpower to match. During the Coronavirus lockdown, when many were content to wallow in endless cycles of social media, sleep, TV, and food, Dr. Ash put to good use his valuable time.

Alongside renowned scholars: Professors Issa Elfergani & Raed Abd- Alhameed from Portugal and Bradford, United Kingdom respectively, he was selected to serve as Guest Editor for a prestigious Electronics Engineering Journal. The publishers, Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI) are pioneers in scholarly open-access distribution. With a mission to foster open scientific exchange across disciplines MDPI is a reputable organization. Their catalog includes the Electronics Engineering Journal which is perceived to be first-rate in engineering circles.

“This is a rare professional achievement, worthy of note in our community. Our students, faculty, staff, and the entire university community will benefit immensely from these researches”, said Dr. Ash. The project could not have come at a better time. It will help improve the body of knowledge related to the design of 5G Antennas and future emerging handsets and base stations.

At the height of COVID-19, remember how many conspiracy theories swiftly emerged about how 5G will kill us all? Well, Dr. Ash and his colleagues are disproving that theory and gaining in-depth clarity on all that hullabaloo about 5G.

The scholars propose that 5G will support significantly faster mobile broadband speeds, low latency, and reliable communications, as well as enabling the full potential of the Internet of Things (IoT).

This will open up the possibility for new services such as tactile communications, smart manufacturing, and cities, in addition to enhanced broadband connectivity. Pivotal to 5G is the use of the millimeter-wave band, which will support a network of small cells enabling hotspot zones of high capacity and area efficiency.

The scholars say the forthcoming 5G system will truly be a mobile multimedia communication platform that constitutes a converged networking arena that not only includes legacy heterogeneous mobile networks, but advanced radio interfaces and the possibility to operate at mm-wave frequencies to capitalize on the large swathe of available bandwidth. This will set in place extensive design requirements that even build on the latest 5G roll-out in the sub 6GHz band.

If you were able to power through and decipher all that technical jargon, you may be eligible to send in a proposal about recent advances in antenna design for 5G heterogeneous networks. The journal will be receiving manuscript submissions up until 30th June 2021.

If ever there was a member of AUN faculty actively involved in student activities, mentoring, and generally being a great AUN ambassador, it is indeed Dr. Ash. He serves as Chair of the Division of Engineering and still finds time to lead Telecoms & Wireless Technology as head of the department.

Every student who passes through AUN’s liberal arts curriculum is required to produce a Senior Design Project (SDP). An enterprise which culminates in the manufacture and exhibition of work which will most often than not positively impact our community. Dr. Ash serves as the Coordinator of SDP Projects. In this role, he guides and mentors students through technology’s complexities. He also serves as Chairman of the Administrative Affairs Committee, AUN Senate and Advisor, AUN Honor Society. With these many hats on one head, Dr. Ash is indeed a multitasking guru and that’s why we say Dr. Ash is fantastic.


By Office of Communications