SITC’s 7th Senior Design Project Poster Presentation Wins Applause

On November 11, the final-year students in the School of IT & Computing showcased their design projects at an exhibition attended by President Dekle, senior university management and tech enthusiasts from other academic institutions in the state.

It was the seventh in the annual series.

Co-coordinator of the SDP program, Dr. Abubakar Sadiq Hussaini, said poster presentations are an opportunity for senior students to professionally communicate their work orally to the public and gain some practice in the delivery of technical information.

“It is an opportunity for students to develop and demonstrate their ability to apply scientific and engineering principles to the solution of practical problems in information, technology, computing, and engineering systems and processes.”

Each project is addressing a certain problem.  President Dekle said the projects are in line with the university’s philosophy of developing the problem-solving skills they have acquired in the classroom, adding that it is particularly important since AUN is training the future leaders of the continent.

“Because we don’t know what the problems in the future can be, all we can do is to develop the framework and analysis of ways of thinking to solve problems because you will be defining what the problems are and to find the solutions.”

President Dekle said the event looked like a professional conference and the students are adding value to society.

SITC Dean, Dr. Mathias Fonkam, said the school wants to ensure that students have the mindset of solving real-world problems.

“One of the things we encourage students to do is to build something that can contribute to the community, whether the University community or its host community.”

He said it is one of the most important milestones in the students’ lives. The Senior Design Program is one of those opportunities for students to identify an area of study where they want to focus and get more knowledge and experience and begin to chart a career.

“It is one of those things when they go for an interview for graduate school or for job opportunities they will be interviewed on.  We expect them to pick a topic that should really define their future.  It did for me.”

VP of Finance, Anthony Agbo, said he was impressed with the level of work the students put in and that students are making maximum use of the resources that are available here at our University.

AVP HR & Planning, Nourah Bamalli, remarked that the history of the AUN management software OpenERP started from here.  “I have already seen what has touched my life.  I saw in one of the stands the efforts by one of the students to make our work easier.  This is, to me, a greater achievement.”

The event attracted people from across the university community and guests from Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Ahmadu Ribadu College, and AUN Academy.

Reported By Omorogbe Omorogiuwa

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