Meet the Faces Behind AUN’s Well-Groomed Plants

When you walk around the AUN main campus, you’ll notice the lush green plants, well-trimmed and watered.


Yola has a savannah climate, meaning we experience extreme weather conditions. Despite the severe heat, AUN maintains beautiful natural scenery. And this is all thanks to the wonderful gardeners in our institution.

We were privileged to talk to five of them who work to maintain AUN's ambiance.

Mr. Pius Jacob, who has worked in AUN for six years, learned how to groom plants here, he said. Thanks to this job, he can cater to his needs.

“Working as a gardener, I can meet my needs. I am not idle, and I am independent.”

Pius went on to express how he enjoys working here. Because of his six years' experience, he is now a professional.

Mr. Sabaste Stern has worked in this institution for nine months, and just like Pius, he learned gardening here at AUN. He said the only reason why he enjoys being a gardener is that there is no other work for him to do.

Mr. Musa Mohammed also learned how to garden here. He said, “Since I enjoy not being idle, I want to go back to school. I want to write my School Certificate exam.”

For Musa, being a gardener is a way for him to save up some money so that he can further his education.

Mr. Sawa Hawal has worked here for almost two years. He described how it is required of them to report for work by 08:00 AM to 3:00 PM from Mondays to Thursdays and on Fridays they close at noon. Sawa said it has not been easy for him.

"My family and I were at the IDP camp for three years. We came from Borno during the insurgency.”

Just as the others said, Sawa needed to be independent. He has ten children three of whom are married. Thus, he has to take care of the remaining seven, and his pay is not enough.

Although these men have different reasons for working here at AUN, they are doing an incredible job contributing to the beauty of our institution, and we appreciate them.


Reported by Salome Nuhu, CMD major

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