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Sport Notes

Peace Tournament: Men’s quarter-final

Staff vs Waziri Warriors
The Peace Through Sport entered the quarter-final phase on June 14 at 4:30 pm. It was between the AUN Staff team, wearing navy blue, and Waziri Warriors, wearing white. Like all men’s football games, it was exhilarating, exciting, and fast and, well, equally dangerous. It’s still men competing against fellow men, you know.

AUN To Host Hult Prize Competition on Campus

AUN has been licensed to host the Hult Prize competition on campus for undergraduates, postgraduates, and alums. From the selections, winners will proceed to the regional finals to compete globally.

To AUN Academy Pupils: Be Smarter On The Way Up

On June 10, the Executive Director of AUN Schools, Ashish Gill, urged the 40 graduating pupils of AUN Academy (Elementary) to continue to engage their brains meaningfully as they move higher.

My Summer Notes III

Ice cream is known to have serotonin. This is a chemical neurotransmitter that is known to induce happy moods as well as sociable relations, among other things. No wonder, therefore, that an atmosphere of good mood enveloped the Washington Hall on June 5.

Random Sport Notes

Champions FC vs Staff Team
On June 6, the AUN football pitch turned into a mini-battleground, as Champions FC, garbed in red, and the Staff team, arrayed in blue, clashed in the ongoing Summer League Football Competition.

AUN Kicks Off Summer Semester Tree Planting Campaign

The annual tree planting kicked off in earnest on June 2, the second week of the summer semester, when the Office of Community Service led some students and staff members on the afforestation campaign in three institutions in Yola Town. The campaign usually takes place as the rains set in.

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