Prof Bill Hansen’s Research Offers Fresh Insight Into Understanding Boko Haram

Researched paper by Professor William ‘Bill” Hansen, titled "Poverty and 'Economic Deprivation Theory': Street Children, Qur'anic Schools/almajirai and the Disposed as a Source of Recruits for Boko Haram and other Religious, Political and Criminal Groups in Northern Nigeria," Perspectives on Terrorism, 10 (5) is slated for publication in October 2016. 


Hansen, Professor of International and Comparative Politics and AUN’s longest serving faculty, had published "Boko Haram: Religious Radicalism and Insurrection in Northern Nigeria", (Journal of Asian and African Studies, Dec 2015), to critical acclaim. This article, Prof Hansen wrote in his published abstract, “is interested in shedding light on why a phenomenon such as Boko Haram came into existence and why it poses a threat to the very existence of the Nigerian state. .. “Boko Haram is the entirely logical consequence of more than five decades of the post-colonial Nigerian state ruled by a parasitic predator class that is itself a by-product of the colonial state.

An earlier work, "Fanon, the Wretched and Boko Haram" (with Umma Aliyu Musa), Journal of Asian and African Studies, 48(3), was published in June 2013.

And recently, a book proposal from more field research, Parasites, Predators and Terrorists: the Nigerian State and Boko Haram - was accepted for publication and will be published on completion by Africa World Press (Trenton, NJ).

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