Opening Remarks for AUN Honor Society Awards Banquet by Faculty Adviser Dr. Ferdinand Che


Thank you all for joining us tonight as we recognize and celebrate some of our best and brightest.

The graduating Honor Society members & their parents, please stand so we can appreciate you! A round of applause, please! Thank you!

Today, I feel privileged and honored to stand here before you to recognize and celebrate the achievements of our brilliant students who have made AUN and their parents proud. The Honor society makes an immense contribution to AUN and the local community. The qualities that mark out this crop of students as leaders and change agents will help them in achieving their goals and to bring the glory of success to AUN. We celebrate not only their achievements but also recognize the values and principles of the AUN Honor Society which the awardees this evening exemplify.

We thank all our parents for trusting us and giving us the opportunity to contribute, in a way that only the American University of Nigeria can, to develop and nurture these students; to help these students to grow academically, socially, and every sphere of activity, so that they are ready to face the world after graduation and also so that they can realize their true potential. So, to our parents we say a big thank you and we applaud you. A round of applause to our parents, please.

The students who are invited to join the Honor Society recognize that it is a distinct privilege. Members of the Honor Society willingly and enthusiastically embrace their distinguishing role models at AUN; and they distinguish themselves through their academic performance, their character, responsibility, and their leadership and service to the AUN community and beyond. Therefore, members of the Honor Society know that membership is not simply a badge of honor or a feather in their cap, but a call to take on a more proactive role as a change agent; it is a call to work harder and to dig

deeper to serve the community better. So, what does it take to be inducted into the Honor Society?

To join the AUN Honor Society, students must be in their second or third year – that is, they must have attained sophomore or junior standing. Students must have attained a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale. Furthermore, students must have demonstrated a genuine commitment to service to the community. Finally, prospective members must successfully navigate a rigorous interview conducted by the Honor Society executive team.

A massive thank you to our dear President Dawn Dekle, as the Honor Society Tutorial Center was once again restored to its rightful place at the heart of the academic activities in the e-Library. We can proudly report that, this year the AUN Honor Society planned, organized, and conducted 230 tutorial sessions amounting to about 300 tutorial hours. These tutorials cover subjects including mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, computer sciences, economics, accounting, and others. The Honor Society plans to improve and grow the effectiveness and reach of these tutorials to also include catering for the needs of the Law students in the future.

The Honor Society also takes on projects in the local community as well. In addition to its ongoing scholarship program to support the primary and secondary education of over 50 students in the Yola community, the Honor Society also responded when the Administration building of the Abubakar Adamu Namtari Memorial School lost its roof to a fire by providing a suitable roof so that the education of the children would not be interrupted. The Honor Society did not forget about our cherished faculty and staff. So, this year a Jazz Night, where faculty and staff can demonstrate their dancing and other creatives skills was organized once again by the Honor Society. I should add that our generous faculty and staff responded with aplomb, helping to raise a record breaking over a million naira that will fund Honor Society projects in the future. A round of applause to all our faculty and staff, please.

So, tonight, we celebrate and recognize our graduating Honor Society students and we recognize the outgoing Honor Society executive team, and we thank them all for the wonderful contribution they have made to our community and beyond. We know the time has come for some exceptional members of the AUN Honor Society to move onto to bigger and greater things, but we know they carry our values and principles

with them. May they be a shining example of the best of the American University of Nigeria wherever they go.

Congratulations to all graduating Honor Society members and their parents!

Thank you!



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