Three Win Cash Prizes at Youth Entrepreneurship Boot Camp

At the closing of the Youth Entrepreneurship Boot Camp that was held on January 20 for six secondary schools in Adamawa State, three high school students were recognized for their outstanding essays capturing their impressions of the training.

It was a five-day educative program that was organized by SBE, which exposed 200 students to practical sessions of running a business.

The students were rewarded with cash prizes: Adamu Aminu Kolere of Ahmadu Ribadu College (N25,000), Ms. Vera Franklin of Deeper Life High School (N15,000), and Sadika Dahiru Gomina of AUN Academy (N10,000).

The 100 participants who wrote the short essays were asked to reflect on what inspired them in the Boot Camp and how it has influenced their lives.

During the award ceremony, two of the 200 participants were called upon to speak on their experience.

“I came to AUN for this Boot Camp,” recounted Hanis Hassan of Concordia College, Yola, “without much expectation because I hope to be a Software Engineer.  I told myself that Entrepreneurship had nothing to do with me.  When I heard Mr. Austin Okere, a computer scientist and renowned entrepreneur, speak, I told myself that I was wrong.

“This camp has promoted unity and cooperation among students.  We learned from one another’s mistakes.  We made many friends.  We mingled with one another…  In the business simulation segment, we had fun.  It was educative.  It actually felt real…The product development was an exciting part of the boot camp because we were able to sit down together, think together, and brainstorm.  And that is what brings about cooperation.”

Ms. Cynthia Umar of Government Girls Secondary School, Yola, is a science student.  She had thought that she did not need business, but the Boot Camp experience has made her realize that she can use her creativity.

“Being a student, I usually use my pen; sometimes I forget where I kept it.  But come to think of it, how about a wrist pen?  A wristwatch with a pen attached to it.  Wouldn’t that help us a lot as students?

“The boot camp is one of the most interesting experiences I have ever had in my life.  I have learned how to create, think and reason like an entrepreneur--to believe in myself but to learn from others’ mistakes and from their successes.

“I enjoyed the business simulation a lot, the team work and the “finding path” game.  I used to believe in doing things my own way, but after this boot camp, I have got to realize that I actually need somebody to listen to, somebody that can give me his own point of view, and how to work with people as a team.”

By Omorogbe Omorogiuwa

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