Fun, Inspiration, as President Dekle Shares Apples on First-Day-of-Class

Academic Life at the university level is rigorous.  At AUN, the steep standards and expectations further raise the barometers.

At AUN, the students’ co-curricular activities complement the academic learning experience.  Many such social activities that take place outside the classroom are meant to be lots of fun.


On the first day of class for the 2017/18 academic year, President Dekle, accompanied by a support cast of senior management and staff, brought fun to the classroom.  She gave an apple to each student and professor in every class. The atmosphere was electric. The students loved it.


“In an educational institution, you get to have a new beginning every year.  And so I would like to mark the occasion… What we want to do is to give every one of you an apple today… Apples are my favorite fruits.


On the relevance of the apple, she said it symbolizes knowledge and reflection.  “Apples are the fruit of knowledge.  I wanted to give each student an apple today to symbolize knowledge because they are already at the university, which is where the knowledge is.  So they can each have an apple and think about what they are going to be doing this year.”


President Dekle said the apple sharing was to get the students excited.  The students and the professors then had fun photos with the president and the management staff.  “As you can see we have our new T-shirts on, you’ve got the date on them, and the colors are the AUN colors.  I feel like a coach today.  I feel like I have my whistle on and we are going.  The significance is just to have the students remember that it is a special place here.”




As the university enters its 14th year, President Dekle said there are lots of projects and fun activities to engage in.  In her style of “capturing the imagination of others,” she said she would work across all departments of the University “as a team” to decide on the new things that would be done.  “I think the old fashioned leadership is that a new leader comes in and say let’s do this.  That is not my style of leadership.  My style of leadership is very collaborative:  I want to see organically what we want to do together.”


By Omorogbe Omorogiuwa