Public Policy & Administration

Public Policy & Administration

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
School of Business & Entrepreneurship

International development partners, private, NGOs and the public sector have bemoaned the lack of human capacity in formulating policy and implementing projects and programs as one of the reasons for low absorptive capacity of development assistance and proper utilization of national resources to address societal needs and enhance service delivery.

The economic growth and development of many African countries, especially within the West African region, is impeded by this lack of  requisite management capacity in the public sector. Many nations now focus on talent management and building a generation of qualified and competent public servants.

The B.Sc. Public Policy and Administration program will attract high-school graduates, entry and mid-career professionals from state and federal government, NGO’s and the private sector, students laddering from other programs, international students who desire knowledge, skills and competencies for a successful career in public services design, implementation,  administration,  and management. 

This highly sought program provides students with a strong foundation in public administration, interpersonal relations, public policy analysis, leadership skills, and public decision-making processes. This program emphasizes both administrative knowledge and managerial skills related to the formulation of policy, acquisition of human and financial resources, application of sound methods of organization and management, and the development and execution of effective implementation strategies. The program builds on business, arts and science foundations to develop analytical and communication skills and a deeper understanding of the management of public organizations.

The career paths open to our graduates include professional public managers, public officials and citizens. Graduates can work both at the State and Federal levels of Government, with NGOs, and can go onto to acquire additional training in graduate or professional schools.

Course Descriptions
Admission Requirement
Tuition Fees

2020/2021 Annual Tuition
N 1,850,000

Course Duration
Full Time: 4-year average

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