1. AUN Preparedness for COVID-19

Dear Parents,

Greetings from AUN. I write to you with an update about our learning community and preparedness for COVID-19. 


AUN remains open and fully operational, following our AUN academic calendar. There are no known confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases in Northeast Nigeria, but that could change suddenly. Therefore, we have enacted these measures to keep our campus safe:


  1. Formation of the AUN Core COVID-19 Crisis Teamtasked with reviewing all information about COVID-19 and advising our learning community about breaking news and/or new campus measures to implement to keep us safe
  2. Mandatory temperature checking stations at the main gate
  3. Placement of hand sanitizer units at multiple stations around campus
  4. Launching of COVID-19 hygiene campaign by our AUN Health Center
  5. Requiring anyone with high temperature, dry cough, and/or shortness of breath to immediately contact our AUN Health Center
  6. Monitoring all travel outside of campus by anyone in our learning community
  7. Severely limiting external visitors to campus
  8. Adding a toolbar to the AUN website main page with current information about COVID-19


We are also reviewing the academic calendar, alongside discussions with our AUN Governing Council, to identify various paths forward, should COVID-19 become worse. 


COVID-19 has brought the world to its knees, and we are in an unprecedented situation in modern times. Misinformation is spreading faster than the virus. Please turn to us for accurate information and up-to-date briefs; I will personally keep you informed.


Please remember, #AUNLeads


Our mantra will be Semper Gumby, which is the US Marines tagline meaning “Always Flexible” – Gumby was an American toy, a “flexible” green doll that children could twist into different positions. Stallion Nation is just as flexible as Gumby, so through the COVID-19 crisis, we will embrace Semper Gumby together and emerge on the other side healthy and united.


Always, with best regards, stay safe, Semper Gumby


Dawn Dekle, PhD

AUN President (Vice-Chancellor)


Teaser: stay tuned for the next letter from the desk of the AUN President, on the topic “What is COVID-19?”