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The AUN Orientation program is designed to provide support to new students as they begin to lay the foundation for a new academic and social life at our university
Orientation days provide you with the required knowledge and skills to effectively manage your life as a university student and get you off to a good start.

Welcome to AUN

The idea (of the Orientation program) is to help our new students to settle down fully, understand our systems, procedures, and processes, appreciate and know our facilities, and begin to understand each other as students. They must understand the kind of people they will be interacting with as they study here. For parents, we wanted to show you as much as possible what we have, the atmosphere in which your children, our students, will call home for the next four or five years. This is the idea, and I hope we have accomplished much in that respect.
I know it is impossible to do everything we wanted to do in this (brief) orientation window. So I call on the new students to patronize all our facilities, to consult with our offices and officers in Student Affairs, the Advising Unit, the Finance, the Health Center, and especially the Student Government Association. They are students like you; they have been here for some time, so they understand our system well. So, if you have any issues, do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready and always available to address any issues you have.
Professor Attahir Yusuf,
Interim President

It's all about the Students

This evening we heard a lot about the incredible and dynamic faculty, staff, and people who made this university what it is and what it would be for you young people who are here today and for future generations that shall come.
This is what is exciting about AUN – the people and their passion for their work. I welcome all our new students and their parents to the AUN family. Ultimately, it is all about these young children you have entrusted in our care. To my freshmen!
You are off to great places
Today is your day
Your mountains are waiting
So get on your way
Byron Bullock,
Vice President for Campus Life
Dean of Students

"AUN is a complete package … this is why I am here" 

I want to thank the management and staff for your excellent work. It is not just about academics. What is happening at AUN is a complete package, it is good to work, and I am already contemplating bringing the rest of my children to AUN.

"AUN is a Place of Learning, the Starting Point"

When my son was getting ready to come here, he was hesitant. He said: "Mummy I want to go to another school first, then later maybe in 200 level, 300 level, I will go to AUN. And I told him AUN is not where you join in the middle. AUN is the starting point because so far from what I have seen, AUN Is a place of learning".

From everything I have seen and heard today, AUN offers a very sound quality education and is a home away from home for the students.


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