Bomb Blast Victims Get More Supplies from AUN

The American University of Nigeria has donated more supplies to the management of the Federal Medical Centre, Yola, to help the recent victims of the Jimeta bomb blast.

The supplies were received on June 9 at the Centre by the Deputy Head of Clinic Services, Dr. Abdulfatai Salawu, who thanked AUN students and the management for the gesture, the second within one week. The first was a day after the June 4 bomb blast which prompted AUN Clinic to give up some of its medical provisions for the emergency.

The University’s delegation included Vice President Byron Bullock, the AUN Clinic Administrator Philip Eappen, and Ms. Hannah Noah, a nurse at the Clinic.
Among the latest supplies were food items and medicines (including antibiotics, intravenous fluids, and cleansers).

Mr. Eappen said the medicines again were diverted from the AUN Clinic by the University management while the food items, detergents, soaps, and other supplies, including clothes, were sourced by summer school students. The food items were handed over to the FMC kitchen for use in feeding the victims.

There was also blood donation from volunteers, the bulk of whom comprised students. Eappen explained that there was a blood donation drive on campus facilitated through the use of email, and that healthy people volunteered to donate blood to the victims. The drive, which was done on Monday and Tuesday, attracted a positive response from the AUN community.

Abdulrahman Bappullo, the Vice President of the SGA, explained the apparent swift response from students. He pointed to the University’s core values of community outreach that is already ingrained in her students. “We responded to the dire needs of the victims because AUN’s most fundamental teaching to us is to concern ourselves with the welfare of our community. That’s why we took this action almost like a reflex.”
He added that an instructor, Dr. Tristan Purvis, also contributed immensely to the generated funds.

By Omorogbe Omorogiuwa