A Letter to My Sisters

A Letter to My Sisters

Today we remember our girls still in Bokoharam captivity.  As we honour the ladies of our New Foundation School (NFS), 14th, April 2014 will remain a dark memory we strive to erase with the successes of our NFS ladies. Our thoughts and prayers remain with the girls still in captivity. NFS ladies have written poems in rembrance and defiance:


Dear sisters,

I remember everything like it was yesterday.
We were altogether happy and hoping to write our final examination.
That fateful night, we were visited by what seemed like a dream; we held unto each other in fear.

We fell victims to Boko Haram and suddenly things changed.
We saw men with guns and all hope was lost because it seemed like there was no means of escape.
It was like there was darkness everywhere.

We were taken without our consent to somewhere unknown.
We just felt that was the end; we were thinking about our parents and friends and how we will never see them again.

With the help of God, today I am standing out here surrounded by beautiful people.
Despite this, I cannot forget the beautiful memories shared with my sisters neither can I forget those we left behind.

I feel incomplete without my sisters.
I am here today only because of God and I believe God will make a way even when it seems like there is no way.

Dear sisters, we will never get tired of praying for the day you will return and when you do, we will still love you unconditionally.
We hope that when you return, we will plan for our better tomorrow together.

My prayer is this:
Precious redeemer, our trust is in you.
You never change and you can never fail us.
We believe in you and we believe we shall be reunited with our sisters before the end of this year.
We will glorify your name together with the rest of our sisters.

 Jummai Paul