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Mathematics Resource Center

The Center provides support for students requiring extra attention to do well in their academic work, as well as to stimulate an enabling environment for those interested in maturing their Mathematical and/or Statistics skills. The Center is staffed by faculty and a number of excellent senior students very knowledgeable in the different areas of both Mathematics and Statistics at which they provide tutorial assistance mostly on a one-to-one basis at most times of both the weekdays and weekends. Students who visit the Center with their assignments and homework are given a quality explanation of basic Mathematics/Statistics concepts, principles, and theoretical underpinnings of their work so that they can use their understanding of these core essentials of the subjects to solve their own problems.

Mathematics Computer Laboratory

A number of Statistical and Mathematical applications are installed on the systems for the practical demonstration that must accompany the formal lecture of some courses, as well as for use afterwards at a student’s free time, including weekends when it is more convenient for the diligent students to self-practice. Lab demonstrators are usually on hand to answer questions and help out with the basics that are necessary for a student to get going. The Lab has been used extensively for the computing aspect of the STEM project outreach to the local community.