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About us

The primary purpose of academic advising is to provide effective guidance and support so that students can maximize the educational opportunities and make solid decisions about their future, both inside the outside the classroom.

During orientation, students will meet their academic advisor. With the new model of Academic Advising in place, students get advice from specific advisors who are experts in their respective schools.

Throughout the duration of their studies at AUN, academic advisors provide guidance when:

  • declaring a major or minor course of study
    • highlight goals and aspirations
    • synthesize interests, skills, and needs
  • creating an academic plan
    • understand university policies and procedures
    • decipher the course catalogue
    • become familiar with the school’s curriculum
    • foresee challenges and difficulties
  • enrolling in appropriate courses
    • learn how to make informed choices
    • avoid pitfalls and common mistakes
    • effectively complete the registration process
  • finding academic success
    • take advantage of resources and services offered at the university
    • address academic challenges and difficulties
    • learn how to troubleshoot and solve problems independently
    • develop skills to navigate through the university system

What services are offered at the Academic Advising Office?

  • Choosing a major/minor/concentration
    • Identifying requirements in catalog (2009-2011, 2011-2012 or 2012-2014)
  • Assistance in course selection
    • Using advising checksheets and the academic catalog
  • Facilitating the registration for special course offerings
    • For example, internships or independent study
    • Use of the Petition for Exception to Academic Requirement
  • Refer students to resources for academic support
    • Writing Center, Honor Society Tutoring,



We recognize parents as an integral part of their children’s university experience. We know that more and more parents want to be included in the advising relationship; we encourage parents to meet with us and to stay in contact via phone, and email while the student progresses through his/her academic career.

We see parents as our partners so we can both guide and advise the student in enriching their education experience.