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Mission, Vision & Values

AUN seeks to become a great center of learning and research for Nigeria and Africa and a catalyst for development in the entire world. In the words of its Founder, it sees its role as a “Development University.” Thus, the University will honor the traditional university roles of repository and transmitter of culture and knowledge and center for the creation of new knowledge. As a “Development University,” it will also focus on the practical roles that a great university must play in the development of a great nation and continent.

To these ends as a “Development University,” AUN will foster the creation of leaders committed to sustaining a democracy in which diverse people share in the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, are proficient in creating and applying technology to wise purpose, and are dedicated to securing a humane and prosperous world.

AUN will become a place where students' dreams become Africa's future. At AUN, lives will be transformed for service and leadership to lead Africa and the world in what will surely be the challenging years ahead.

To realize this vision and fulfill our mission, we will focus our planning on the following strategic goals: AUN will

Goal 1: Be the Development University for Africa.

Goal 2: Retain and recruit faculty with the highest standards of academic excellence who are devoted to teaching, research and mentoring students to solve societal problems.

Goal 3: Foster and build an environment that develops students who are problem solvers, and whose lives are transformed for service and leadership.

Goal 4: Develop and encourage the effective use of technology to support learning and research by students and faculty.

Goal 5: Develop the physical environment to support the learning, teaching and research goals of a Development University.

Goal 6: Accelerate and sustain financial growth to achieve financial stability.

Goal 7: Help create and sustain a social and political environment supportive of these goals.

Values Statement
Our values statement defines what we hold in common as members of the AUN community, and informs our vision and mission statements.

  • We believe that tolerance and understanding among national, ethnic, and religious groups are essential to the success of Nigeria or any other nation. The University will actively work to instill these values in its students and will itself reflect them in its policies. 

  • We believe that the University, in all of its activities, shall demonstrate the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and academic honesty. 

  • We believe that freedom of expression is fundamental to any intellectual community and affirm that all members of the AUN community will have the freedom to express any opinion without fear of reprisals of any kind. 



AUN has adopted a strategic vision to be a Sustainability Leader in all facets of its operations not only in Education and in Africa, but also globally.