The office of University Events & Ceremonies oversees the planning, coordination, and execution of all major AUN events and ceremonies.

It provides support to various University groups in the planning, organizing and delivery of all scheduled and spontaneous activities and programs. In achieving this objective, the office seeks to achieve the highest standard in planning, organizing and delivery of events to support AUN’s strategic vision.

Some of the major events handled by this office include: The annual Commencement Ceremony and Senior Awards Dinner, which hold every May, annual Founder’s Day Ceremony, which usually takes place, every November, Fall and Spring Orientation and Pledge Ceremony for new students, etc.

The office is also responsible for the management and allocation of all events venues on campus for utilization by University units, departments and academic schools; as well as to AUN friends and partners wishing to use University facilities to host their public events and ceremonies on campus.

In addition, the office sets and enforces the policy regulations and guidelines for events management for all members of the AUN community, in addition to campus space users from the external community. Aside from administering event venues, the office is also responsible for all events facility management and deployment, which includes public address systems, hall decorations, seats and seating arrangements, stages, food service



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