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Director's Welcome Message
The choice to be at the American University of Nigeria is one of the best choices of your life. 
Welcome to Africa's first and only Development University where the scope of learning goes beyond the classroom and spreads to the community at large. Our learning environment is exceptional, it is filled with local and international experts in different spheres. 
AUN is committed to building your overall capacity, tapping into your wealth of knowledge and giving you the opportunity to express yourself and be the very best you can be.
Our student support services are amazingly outstanding and readily available to give you an exciting academic experience at AUN.
Welcome to the community of developers who are aspiring for change, working towards change and making changes without hesitation by expressing all they are learning immediately even on campus. 
The world is waiting for you and AUN is the best place to start.

Academic advising is a unique resource for students, aimed at ensuring each individual’s academic path has both direction and purpose. We provide support for students throughout their programs, guiding them in making sound academic choices that reflect their educational and professional goals.
Our advising team is responsible for assisting students in shaping their academic experiences and developing goals and objectives to ultimately achieve their aspirations in life. This office also provides support and direction to students who experience academic difficulty during their studies and encourages those who perform well to continue to do so.
The student and advisor work closely to identify the best course of study for the student based on interests and skills. The student can choose his or her major at any point during the first two years of study. After identifying a major, the student will have additional advising support from a designated faculty advisor within his or her program of study.