AUN Pageant Contestants Visit Orphanage

AUN Pageant Contestants Visit Orphanage

The Mr. & Miss AUN title is not just about pomp and pageantry, it is a platform for contestants to make an impact in the community. That is why on Wednesday, 7th of April 2021, this year’s contestants visited the St Suzan’s Orphanage Foundation as part of their social impact activities.

The eight contestants and some of the organizers were led by the Director of the Community Service office, Aliyu Alhaji. The contestants met and spoke with about 20 children within the age range of 2-10 years old. Mr. Alhaji introduced the group from AUN, explaining the purpose of the visit. Then everyone took turns speaking with different children. Thereafter they organized a game of dancing around chairs for the children. The winner was given a prize.

From the excitement on the children’s faces, it was clear they enjoyed the visit. All the children received gifts and fun little packages from the AUN contestants. At the end of the visit, the children, their caretakers, and the AUN students huddled together for a group photograph.

AUN is a development university and one of the school’s core philosophies is to positively impact host communities by providing solutions to problems in those communities. With a visit to the orphanage, the students are not only showing love to young children but also making a statement about the importance of inclusivity and charitable acts.

Reported by Ayuba Nancy Gagare & Shalangwa Hannatu Bitrus