AUN Students Elect New Government

AUN Students Elect New Government

Third-year International & Comparative Politics major Daniel Omuabor has emerged as the new President of AUN's Student Government Association (SGA)

Mr. Omuabor was returned in the election held on Friday, June 11, 2021.

Najeeb Lawal Yusuf was elected Vice President; Ms. Amina Salihu is the new Public Relations Officer, while Nabil Jibrilla became Treasurer.

Student Government elections at AUN are conducted online using voting software developed by university students to ensure that every vote counts.

In the run-up to election day, candidates presented their manifestoes in a heated debate on Wednesday before Election Day at the library auditorium. The hall was filled as supporters cheered on their favourite candidates.

From improved sports facilities to better offerings at the cafeteria and pushing for more events on the social calendar, each candidate made an impassioned plea to be chosen to represent the student body.

Mr. Omuabor ran unopposed. "He is just too popular and articulate. No one wants to run against him", according to his camp.

The new President believes that AUN has prepared him for leadership and service to humanity. "It is difficult for me to sit still and not take part in decisions that concern me or others around me. This has been my driving force to want to do more to see that students are better served", he said.

The Vice President for Student Life & Dean of Students Affairs, Mr. Byron Bullock, defines the association as "a legislative body that students form for students. It is an avenue through which students get involved in the governing process of the University."

This association encourages students to make decisions that affect their well-being, especially related to their rights and interests. It is a forum for the expressions of students' views. It promotes responsibility, accountability and high standards of academic achievement. Each candidate promised to work with the University's administration to rectify identified issues about maintenance of residences, food quality and improved learning atmosphere.

Taslim Oladoja, the outgoing SGA president, advised the president-elect and his team to "learn how to lobby and be diplomatic in all they do. This will make them forge ahead in what they set out to do to improve the welfare of the students".

The longest-serving SGA President described his tenure as "challenging yet rewarding because we were able to do some good work and have a taste of true leadership."

The AUN SGA elections were overseen by an electoral board who watched over things to build confidence in the pre-election process. The election software designed by students to collate results renders concerns about electoral malpractice and irregularities unnecessary.

Reported by Bitwul Dashe