At Study Abroad Information Session, Students Get Tips on How to Spend a Semester or Two at Foreign Universities

At Study Abroad Information Session, Students Get Tips on How to Spend a Semester or Two at Foreign Universities

On Thursday, December 2, 2021, the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs organized a Study Abroad Information Session at the 24hr Library where lots of enthusiastic students gathered to learn more about what could become an experience of a lifetime. The American University of Nigeria offers enrolled students the opportunity to enroll at a foreign university and to transfer earned credits to AUN and graduate on schedule. Students who opt for this program choose from many colleges and universities in many countries, and regardless of where they choose, they will only pay their AUN tuition fees.

President Margee Ensign, who restarted the Study Abroad program immediately after her reappointment as President/Vice-Chancellor of AUN in July 2021, has used various forums to encourage students and their parents to take advantage of the program to broaden their cultural and knowledge horizons and possibly learn a new language.

Hosted by the program coordinator, Mr. Siddiki Hamadou, with a memorable speech by Dean Byron Bullock, the event's speakers enumerated the importance of studying abroad to a student's overall academic, mental, and cognitive development. The session also featured information on the numerous available options that AUN offers.

AUN belongs to the Association of American Colleges and Universities, boasting 25 members from 19 different countries. It also belongs to the Global Liberal Arts Alliance, a collection of 27 liberal Arts Universities in 15 countries. "You will find that there are up to 50 different Universities you can select from," said Siddiki, an AUN alum.

The benefits of studying abroad, according to Siddiki, are numerous and include--but are not limited to--gaining a first-hand perspective about other cultures, self-discovery, building a global network and a robust resume, and creating lasting memories for oneself.

"The application process is easy and open to everyone except freshmen," said Siddiki.

All a student has to do is consult with their faculty advisor to ensure an alignment in courses and obtain their transit form from the Registry, which they must submit to the study abroad office to begin processing their application and visa process with the help of the University. "AUN is a facilitator in this process, and there will always be someone there to provide students with the necessary help that they need', he said.

"One of my biggest regrets in college was not taking part in the study abroad programs there," said Dean Bullock. "Studying abroad is an incredible experience that will improve students' language skills, provide them with different learning experiences and teaching styles, and enhance their network. It is also an avenue for them to learn about new cultures and perspectives, and it will develop their confidence".

Reported by Zulqarnain Mahmood