Twitter Ban: Be Wary of Unsecured VPN Apps – Prof Abubakar Hussaini

Twitter Ban: Be Wary of Unsecured VPN Apps – Prof Abubakar Hussaini

AUN Community members relying on Twitter for marketing or other businesses should consider alternative social media platforms that can support their business content or model, following the ban on Twitter by the Nigerian Government.

AUN's Professor of Telecommunications and Wireless Technology, Dr. Abubakar Sadiq Hussaini however gave the Nigerian Government a clean bill of health in the showdown with the global tech giant.

In handling the Twitter suspension, the Federal Government acted within its sovereign rights. The Government (of Nigeria) can also choose to regulate private sector operators within its jurisdiction, whether OTT or otherwise.

Professor Abubakar, Chair of AUN's Telecoms & Wireless technology program and founding Head of Division, School of Engineering, warned that while some users may try to bypass this restriction using different (Virtual Private Network) VPN software Applications, the downside of this action may render their mobile phones, iPads or Tablets vulnerable to hacking and/or other security and privacy breaches.

A prolific researcher and authority on telecommunications and wireless technology with strong global connections, Professor Abubakar Sadiq, who is also a senate committee member of the University of Bradford, UK and belongs to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), the Engineering Forum Nigeria, UK (ENF-UK) and the Optical Society of America (OSA), cautioned AUN Community members on the use of VPN applications (especially third-party apps) because one can compromise things such as bank details, online privacy/security and other sensitive information stored on devices.

Professor Abubakar Sadiq guest-edited a 2020 publication "Recent Advances in Antenna Design for 5G Heterogeneous Networks" while a follow-up publication which he also guest-edited, ''Enhanced Energy-Efficient Mobile Cells for 5G and Beyond Heterogeneous Networks'' is expected in 2021.