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Adewale Adeyemi james

Associate Professor

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Mathematics Faculty

Dr. Adewale brought his 10 years of work experience in research and ICT to AUN in February 2010.  He joined the AUN community with a degree in Mathematics from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, and a Master’s degree in Complex Analysis from the University of Ilorin, Ilorin.  During his master’s program, he introduced a new analytical prove titled “A New Geometric Condition for Starlikeness and Convexity of Univalent Function”.  This unique result has been published. He later earned a Ph.D. in Computational Mathematics in 2014. In his quest for knowledge, he has obtained three additional post-graduate diplomas in Education (PGDE), Computer (PGDC), and Theology (PGDT).
James has served as a course writer/developer and post-graduate project supervisor for the National Open University of Nigeria. He has served as a reviewer for some reputable journals i.e. Nigeria Mathematical Society (NMS), British Journal of Mathematics & Computer Science (BJMC), Journal of Nigeria Society of Physical sciences (JNSP).  He is an active member of academic professional bodies such as AMS, NMS, ASSONT, NAMP, and MAM.
As a scholar, he has published over twenty (20) peer-reviewed journals with meaningful impact factors both locally and internationally. He has earned a research impact of over 160 citations, an h-index of 8, and an i10-index of 8 on Google scholar. His recent publication on Ebola is Scopus indexed. Adewale has attended several conferences both nationally and internationally. Some of his research findings have been presented in Nigeria, South Africa, as well as Asia.  He has attended several academic seminars and workshops and served as a resource person in many of them.  
His current research interest includes the Computational approach to Mathematical Modeling and Intelligent System Theory. He is also exploring new and more efficient methods of solving Integro-Differential Equations and Delay Differential Equations for Linear and non-Linear systems.

Doctoral dissertation (title only)

Uniform Order Hybrid Predictor-Corrector for the Solution of Solution of 1st Order Initial Value Problems of Ordinary Differential Equations (2014)  

Computational Mathematics, Mathematical Modelling, & Numerical Analysis.

Calculus II

Adegboye, O.Gayawan, E.James, A.Adegboye, A.Elfaki, F. “Bayesian spatial modeling of Ebola outbreaks in the Democratic Republic of Congo through the INLA-SPDE approach” Zoonoses and Public Health, 2021, 68(5), pp. 443–451

James, Adewale Adeyemi “ A Family of Second Derivative Methods for the Solution of First-order Stiff Problems of Ordinary Differential Equations” Paper ID; AA20  International Conference On Contemporary Developments In Mathematical Sciences (ICCDMS) In Honour of Prof. K. R. Adeboye 13th April 2021, Department of Mathematics, Federal University of Technology, (FUT), Minna. Niger State, Nigeria

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James Adewale et al. “Constant Order Hybrid Block Predictor-Hybrid Corrector for the Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations” World Academy of Science, Engineering, and Technology. International Science Index issue 83 Nov 20-21, 2013 at International Conference on Applied Mathematics and Numerical Analysis, pp. 789-792. Cape Town, South Africa.

Adewale James, "Half Step Computational Method for Solving First Order Stiff and Oscillatory Problems of ODEs" Canadian International Conference on Advances in Computer, engineering and Applied Sciences. Dubai UAE, 3th-4th of Dec. 2014

James A.A el al. “New Hybrid Predictor, Hybrid Corrector Integrator for the solution of first Order IVPs of ODEs. 51st Annual National Conference of Mathematical Association of Nigeria, Book of Abstracts. 31st August -5th Sept. 2014. University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Kwara State. Nigeria

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