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Genger Peter

Associate Professor

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Peer-Reviewed Works

International Journals:

  • Genger, P. (2020). Toward Sustainable Security in Africa: Theoretical Debates for The Institutionalization of African Indigenous Peacemaking Approaches. Peace and Change: A Journal of Peace Research
  • Genger, P. (2019). What is the Authentic and Meaningful Compensation in the Eyes of Indigenous Peoples? In Lorraine, M. (Ed.). The Canadian Journal of Native Studies, XXXVIII, 2, 2018.
  • Genger, P. (2018). The British Colonization of Australia: An Exposé of the Models, Impacts, and Pertinent Questions. Peace and Conflict Studies. http://nsuworks.nova. edu/cgi/ myaccount.cgi?context=pcs
  • Genger, P. (2018). Combating Corruption with African Restorative Justice Tradition: Suggested Steps for Nigeria. In Onyeozili, E. (Ed.), African Journal of Criminology and Justice Studies.

National Journals

  • Genger, P. (2020). Pope Francis’s Pedagogies of Compassion: Take-Home Implications for the Regeneration of the African Indigenous Social Wisdom – Ubuntu. Jos Studies Journal. Jos: Augustine's Major Seminary.
  • Genger, P. (May 1998). Dynamics of Imperialism. The Gadfly Philosophical Magazine 8(5). Jos: Philosophical Society, St. Augustine's Major Seminary.
  • Genger, P. (May 1997). Why is Africa the Home of Wealth but a friend of Poverty? The Gadfly Philosophical Magazine 8(4). Jos: Philosophical Society, St. Augustine's Major Seminary.


Co-Authored Peer Reviewed Articles - International Journals:

  • Funk, S., Genger, P. and Lemonius, M. (2015). [Review of the book Voices of harmony and Dissent: How Peacebuilders are Transforming their Worlds. In McCutcheon, R. Sawatsky J. and Smith, V. (Eds.), The Canadian Journal of Peace and Conflict Studies, 47(1-2).

Book Chapters/Conference Publications

  • Genger, P. (2021). Dialogue and Reconciliation. In Abela, E. (Ed.), Lineamenta: 3rd Makurdi Diocesan Synod. Makurdi: Onaivi Printing Press
  • Genger, P. (2020). Re-Empowering African Indigenous Peacemaking Approaches: Identifying the Enabling Possibilities from Decolonization and Indigenization Discourses. In Oloruntoba, S. and Falola, T. (Eds.), Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Development in Africa. New York: Springer Nature. 978-3-030-34303-3
  • Genger, P. (2016). The Laity and Conflict Transformation. In Asue, D. (Ed.), The Practical Ways of Engaging the Laity in Nigeria. Iperu-Remo: Ambassador Publications.
  • Genger, P. (2002). Confrontational Evangelization: Towards a National Theology of Peaceful Coexistence and Renewed Combat against HIV/ AIDS. In Okeke, V. (Ed.), The nature and identity of the Church: Nigerian theological perspectives. Nsukka: Fulladu Publishers. Pp. 219-230. (
  • Genger, P. (2000). Political Theology: The Imperative for The Theologian as Agent of Social Change. Conference paper. In. Ewerem. I. (Ed.). CATHAN 2000. Abuja: St. Paul’s Missionary Seminary. Pp. 130-150


Peer-Reviewed Publications in View

  • Genger, P. (May 2021). Ubuntu – The Political Paradigm Africa Should Endorse to Impact the Global Order. Handbook of Africa and the Changing Global Order. Springer Nature.
  • Genger, P. (June 2021). Creative Depiction of Africa’s Conflict Context and the Rationale to Mainstream African Indigenous Peacemaking Approaches. Peace and Conflict Studies. pcs
  • Genger, P. (Nov. 2021). Africa’s Search for Agency: Elaborating the Rationale and Ways that Ubuntu Can Be Mainstreamed to Achieve It. Special Issue: African Agency in IR.


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