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Leo U. Ukpong


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Dean – School of Business and Entrepreneurship (SBE)

Professor of Financial Economics

Professor Leo U. Ukpong is the Dean of the School of Business and Entrepreneurship (SBE) and Professor of Financial Economics at the American University of Nigeria (AUN). As the dean of Faculty, he ensures that SBE’s short-term and long-term strategic plans are in sync with that of the University; make certain that SBE academic programs capture developments in the business world, partner with the community at large to further the institution’s mission as a Development University.

Prior to his current position, he served as the Dean, Faculty of Business Administration at the University of Uyo, from 2014 to 2020. Dean Ukpong was with AUN between 2009 and 2012. During this period, he served as the dean of SBE; founding dean of the Post-Graduate School, Chair of the Department of Finance and Business Economics; the director of SBE Graduate programs; as well as a Professor of Finance and Business Economics. He taught courses in Finance and economics supervised students’ projects and was responsible for the academic and administrative policies of the departments, faculty, and the Graduate School.

For over fifteen years, he served as a professor of Finance at the Graves School of Business, Morgan State University (MSU), in Baltimore Maryland (USA). At Morgan State, he taught graduate and undergraduate courses in Finance and Economics. Professor Ukpong held several academic administrative positions and chaired committees at the school and the university levels. Besides Morgan State University, Professor Ukpong served as a visiting professor at other universities in Nigeria, Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Professor Ukpong’s industry experiences include over two decades of consulting experience on economic and financial issues, bank management, portfolio management, accounting, and energy-environmental management. He consulted with organizations such as Bank of America (USA), State Employee Credit Union in Maryland (USA), First Monument Mortgage Corporation (USA), World Bank, Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC), Central Bank of Tanzania, Central Bank of Ghana; conduct business and financial seminars for business executives from Russia, Ukraine, Republic of Georgia, South Africa, Taiwan, and China. He worked with IBM (US) as a Financial Analyst, with the City of Philadelphia (US) as an Economist, with The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia as a Financial Economist, and with Gateway Financial Services (USA) as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Professor Ukpong holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Economics from Alabama A&M University, MBA in Finance from the State University of New York, M.Sc. in Petroleum Economics from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Ph.D. in Financial Economics from (The Wharton School of Business) of the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Derivative Pricing Models (Options and Futures)
  • Asset Pricing Models
  • Financial Markets Analysis
  • Monetary Policy in Emerging Economies


  • Investments     (Security Analysis / Portfolio Management)
  • Investment Banking
  • Commercial Bank Management
  • International Finance
  • Derivatives (Options, Futures, Swaps, etc.)
  • Financial Management (Corporate Finance)
  • Case Studies in Finance
  • Financial Institutions & Markets
  • Asset Valuation
  • Theory of Finance
  • Project Evaluation/Capital Budgeting
  • Managerial Economics
  • Microeconomic and Macroeconomics
  • Monetary Economics / Money & Banking
  • Business & Economics Statistics
  • Econometrics
  • International Economics (Trade & Finance)
  • Environmental/Natural Resources Economics
  • Petroleum/Energy Economics
  • Research Methods
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  • Ukpong, L. U. and Mehdian S. (2017): The Empirical Relation between Price Changes and Trading Volumes: Further Evidence from European Stock Markets.” Alliance Journal of Business Research, April 2017, Vol. 1, Issue 4.
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  • Ukpong, L. U. (2012): Mortgage Loans and Risks Structure of Commercial Banks’ Loan Portfolio (Journal of Commercial Banking Services); (2011). Volume 42, pp. 34-42).
  • Ukpong, L. U. (2010): Crude Oil Price and Commercial Bank Loan Portfolio Risk Structure.” (The Journal of Financial and Economic Research; (2010). Volume 56, No. 3; pp 12-24).


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