Dean Fay Appointed Chair Dean’s Council

Dean Fay Appointed Chair Dean’s Council

Interim President, Professor Attahir Yusuf has appointed Dr. Patrick P. Fay as Chair of the Dean’s Council. This appointment takes effect from March 25th, 2021 up till when a substantive VC/ President of AUN is appointed. By this appointment, Dean Fay will oversee academic activities of all schools.

This is no doubt as a result of Dean Fay’s unwavering commitment to the growth and development of AUN. Dean Fay has earned a reputation for hard work. Amidst AUN’s restructuring, he led the process of guiding over 40 new Faculty to gain an understanding of the university’s unique pedagogy.

Exceeding regular office hours, Dean Fay took on so much responsibility sometimes without support staff. His enormous work load never stopped him from promptly attending university events. The students of Communication & Multimedia Design(CMD) can attest to Dean Fay’s enthusiasm for students affairs and activities. When CMD hosted a special memorial for the late Chair Professor Ritchard M’bayo, Dean Fay was there once again to commiserate with the students and bid farewell to a beloved professor.

Dean Fay’s meticulousness and excellent track-record began long before he joined AUN. he spent four years as the Ambassador of Ireland to Nigeria and prior to that four and a half years as Ambassador to Lesotho (preceded by six months as Consul General). He was also involved in the implementation of the peace process (the Good Friday Agreement) in Northern Ireland and spent four years as an Attaché to the European Union. During a 26-year career in the Irish Civil Service he gained extensive experience in management, civil service reform, as a Training Officer in the Civil Service Training Center, as Private Secretary to a Cabinet Minister, working with Ministers in preparing legislative proposals and bringing them through the legislative process, policy analysis and formulation, and the corporate governance of state enterprises. Congratulations Dean Patrick Fay!

By Office of Communications