Mask Up: President Ensign Tightens Covid-19 Protective Measures on Campus

Mask Up: President Ensign Tightens Covid-19 Protective Measures on Campus

As the Center for Disease Control (NCDC) reports 91 new cases of Covid-19 infections in Nigeria on July 6, President Margee Ensign has mandated compulsory use of masks by everyone on campus to ensure that the University remains free from the disease.  She has been through this before, at her former college in the US where the virus arrived earlier than it did in Nigeria. 

On Tuesday, NCDC named Lagos (66 new infections), Kwara (12), Rivers (4), Kaduna and Oyo (3 each), and Ekiti, Plateau and Abuja (one infection each) as leading in fresh infections even as the third wave of the pandemic sweeps through the African Continent.  Everywhere across the globe, the outbreaks have started small, and at first they seemed pretty harmless.  But where precautions were lax, the infection rate has exploded, now killing many millions.

The President's message to the Community reads:

It is very important that you follow the policy outlined in this note from HR. The Delta variant of Covid-19 is extremely dangerous and more transmissible than previous variants. Those most at risk, of course, are those who are not vaccinated. Until our vaccination rates increase significantly on the campus, the mask policy will be strictly enforced. As you know, this is a serious, life-threatening situation, and we must ensure that we are protecting the health of all AUN employees and students.

Earlier, the Human Resources department restated the University's resolve in "strengthening methods to protect our community following guidance from the CDC and other governmental authorities". The HR department ordered a compulsory wearing of face masks and stipulated disciplinary measures against non-compliance, including sending defaulters home.

The AUN Clinic has actively promoted a rigorous free vaccination campaign on campus. According to the Director, Dr. Paul Dogara Manga, 542 campus community members have now been vaccinated while efforts are ongoing to schedule another round of vaccination to protect everyone else at AUN.

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