President Ensign Thanks Clinic Staff, as 542 Receive Covid-19 Vaccines

President Ensign Thanks Clinic Staff, as 542 Receive Covid-19 Vaccines

A total of 542 AUN Community members have now received either the first or second shots against Covid-19.

The AUN Clinic conducted the latest phase of the vaccination on June 28 and 29, 2021, at which 342 and 200 persons received their first or second shots, respectively. The National Primary Health Development Agency is responsible for the distribution of the vaccines donated by global organization Gavi.  Officials of the Adamawa State Covid-19 Task Force, which is under the supervision of the State's Primary Healthcare Agency, administered the vaccines.

President Ensign, who has sent out messages encouraging community members to go out and get vaccinated, was thrilled by the success and orderliness of the exercise.

The President, who arrived early at the Clinic on the first day, also commended the staff of the Clinic for their hard work and vigilance in keeping the community safe from infection. The AUN Community has no recorded Covid-19 case. President Ensign wants it to stay that way as she urged everyone, especially students, to get a shot. "This latest variant is hitting youth more than it is hitting older generations, so please either get your vaccines with us on Monday or if you're going home, get it when you go home,” the President said.

The Director of AUN Health Center, Dr. Paul Dogara Manga, said it is important for everyone to take the vaccine in order to limit the spread of the virus.

The first shot of the Covid-19 vaccine triggers the natural immune system to get prepared for subsequent contact with the virus, while the second shot boosts the immune system.

Dr. Paul said there are normal side effects as with any other vaccine, but people with extended side effects might have had an impending ailment before receiving the vaccine. He advised anyone experiencing severe side effects to visit the Clinic for attention.

Reported by Rebecca Ikponwonba