National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies Tour AUN

National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies Tour AUN

Senior executives of the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS), visited the American University of Nigeria (AUN) on a study tour on Monday, 24th May 2021. NIPSS Course 43’s theme is Policy and Program Implementation: The Challenges of Policy and Program Implementation.

The exclusive senior executive course is guided by a team chosen by Nigeria’s President. "NIPSS is a strategic institution that was established in 1979, and the idea was to have a melting point national institute with a conglomeration and interaction of senior government officials, the private sector, security agencies, and military agencies, to sit down, discuss, and fashion out policies for the country." Said the leader of the delegation Dr. Nasirudeen Usman mni.

"We felt that academic institutions, and especially AUN is a very strategic partner in policy formulation and policy implementation. So we had to come to interact with the members of this university community,” said Dr. Usman.

AUN President, Professor Attahir Yusuf warmly welcomed course 43 at a reception in the library. He introduced them to the unique pedagogy at AUN; the liberal arts education system an American style of education. He also spoke of AUN’s philosophies as a development university and how entrepreneurship and technology are key features of this unique education.

"The liberal arts education was purposefully designed to mold all-round future leaders for the African continent. The liberal arts education system as you know brings every facet of life into learning. Philosophy, languages, culture, and then professional courses, among others. So, that is the principle fundamental on which AUN was founded." Said Professor Yusuf.

AUN’s perspective of development is not just focused on economic impact but all spheres of development; societal, political, and technological, among other spheres. With regards to the principle of entrepreneurship, Prof. Yusuf clarified that business is not the only aspect of entrepreneurship in the AUN community.

"...We look at entrepreneurship from its fundamentals which is to study the environment, identify opportunities, and cultivate these opportunities towards value creation. So, business is only one aspect of entrepreneurship to us."

Mrs. Adeniyi Olufunke gave a vote of thanks on behalf of the team of thirteen from course 43. While thanking the AUN management for a warm reception, Dr. Nasirudeen presented a plaque and copies of books from NIPSS to Professor Yusuf. After a group photograph session, Course 43 bade the AUN community farewell. " I'm very happy. I was here about ten years ago, and what I've seen is in fact, marvelous." Said Dr. Nasirudeen.

Reported by Esther Onyinye Ofeli