President Dekle Welcomes Spring 2021 New Students 

President Dekle Welcomes Spring 2021 New Students 


67 new students joined the American University of Nigeria’s (AUN) classes of 2022/24/25 for the Spring 2021 semester. The new classes include Masters and PGDM students who will graduate in 2022, Doctoral Students expected to graduate in 2024, the undergraduate class of 2024 in the schools of Arts & Sciences, Business & Entrepreneurship, and IT & Computing. While undergraduate students in the School of Engineering and the School of Law will graduate after 5 years in 2025.

 AUN President, Dr. Dawn Dekle hosted a special welcome event for the new students and their families on the 11th of March. The president was optimistic about the impact AUN’s futuristic learning methods and campus experience will have on them.


 “At AUN, we talk about the curriculum of the future. We don’t just teach, we transform.” She said, explaining how the University creates learning opportunities.

 “We focus on what matters most; learning, inside the classroom, outside the classroom, in the resident halls, in our learning communities.”

 President Dekle urged the new students to make conscious decisions about their thought process even in seemingly tiny details such as semantics.

 “It is not about I and me, it is about we and us. It is not about outstanding, it is about standing out as an entrepreneur, thought leader, and engaged citizen. It is not about being a face in the crowd, it is about who the crowd faces; you. It is not about what to think but how to think and apply that thinking to solving problems.”

 Some concepts are characteristic of the University which the president calls the AUN advantage: Diversity, tolerance, and intuitiveness; Contextualize learning and advising; Small class sizes, continuous assessment; liberal education which promotes critical thinking; international exchange programs, and vibrant student activity programs.

 “So, we know academics and skills, lead to jobs and good graduate programs.” She said.

Top university leaders, the Deans of AUN’s academic schools, and faculty all graced the special welcome ceremony. Following the President’s speech, the Deans led an interactive session. During which, they gave detailed information about the pathways to success in AUN’s rigorous academic repertoire.

At the end of the two-hour event, the new students gained insights into AUN’s unique academic culture, core philosophies, and rich college life experience.


 Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa