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The American University of Nigeria (AUN) School of Law is committed to academic excellence and provides students with a solid foundation in legal theory, practical skills, and ethical principles. Although the School of Law courses are tailored to satisfy the minimum criteria set out in the NUC minimum benchmark, its curriculum goes beyond the traditional legal courses like legal law methods, Evidence, the Nigerian Legal System, or Family law taught in most Nigerian Universities. The school of law has introduced 21st-century innovative and cutting-edge courses that are dynamic and global in outlook.

The AUN School of Law emerges as a beacon of excellence in legal education, proudly having a team of esteemed legal scholars and practitioners renowned for their expertise and dedication to shaping students with every legal requirement, which will help produce 21st-century lawyers that are well-trained and endowed with relevant practical skills.

With its architecturally stunning building, the School of Law is equipped with the latest technology and resources, which provides students with an inspiring environment conducive to learning and growth. The comprehensive syllabus and expert faculty ensure that graduates are well-prepared to excel in the Nigerian Law School (NLS) Bar Final Examination and beyond. AUN School of Law offers a dynamic curriculum that covers a wide range of legal disciplines, ensuring graduates are well-prepared to tackle complex legal challenges in diverse fields.

The AUN curriculum introduces an innovative dimension to legal education in Nigeria while reinforcing the University's development philosophy. Modeled on the American Liberal arts tradition of broad education and critical thinking, the AUN law curriculum embraces humanitarian studies, alternative dispute resolution, environmental law, HIV and the law, Gender and development, Energy and Natural Resources Law and technology and the law, thereby creating an interconnection between law, Society and Development.

Employing interactive teaching methods and real-world case studies, the School of Law equips students with practical skills and critical thinking abilities crucial for success in today's legal landscape through moot court trials for practical learning. It also offers a dynamic curriculum that covers a wide range of legal disciplines, ensuring graduates are well-prepared to tackle complex legal challenges in diverse fields. The Ag. Secretary of the Council and Director of Administration of Legal Education, A.O Osho, said the AUN School of Law faculty building and furnishing are impressive and commendable.

The President of the American University of Nigeria, Dr. DeWayne Frazier said, "I am happy to inform you that our second set of Law graduates has done well in their bar qualifying examinations in the Nigerian Law School Abuja."  AUN law graduates continue to demonstrate their exceptional capabilities and dedication to the legal profession by achieving remarkable success in this rigorous examination. It is noteworthy that 83 percent of AUN Law graduates made it through the last bar part-two final examination. These performances are attributed to the quality of Law instructors and Professors who constantly push the students above mediocrity, considering the state-of-the-art facilities available to them.

Given the University's consistent compliance with its allotted quota since inception and the tremendous improvement in facilities, the council has approved a new quota of one hundred and ten (110) from fifty (50).

Reported  by Pwagreno Blessing Moris