Winners Emerge in SITC's Programming Contests

Winners Emerge in SITC's Programming Contests

Recognizing the need to promote computational thinking across the campus, the School of IT & Computing organized two programming contests for undergraduate and graduate students.

The two categories are Dean Fonkam's Online Monthly Programming challenge and the School of IT & Computing on-the-spot programming competition.

Dean of the School, Dr. Mathias Fonkam, said the essence is to create a platform that will make students practice solving challenging problems, thereby nurturing their problem-solving and programming skills.

The Dean reminded the students that the prospect for Software Engineering is huge, adding that students who took the time to practice the questions of the contest were preparing themselves immensely for the future.

The winner of the Dean Fonkam February Programming Challenge is a third-year Software Engineering major, David Obichukwu Omego. David also came first in the SITC on-the-spot programming competition with a Master's candidate in the Computer Science program, Doken Edgar, emerging as the second-place winner. A second-year Computer Science major, Najeeb Yusuf, came third.

Executive Director of Communications, Daniel Okereke presented certificates to the winners.

Mr. Yusuf finds it a good experience, being his first time winning a competition. According to him, it is an opportunity to add to his experience.

As for Mr. Edgar, the competition was an avenue to engage in something that is not commonly practiced in a classroom environment.

"Normally, you have interactions in the classroom but you hardly see this kind of programming contest."

He sees it as an opportune moment to test his programming skills, compete against others, and meet fellow programmers, as he continues to build his programming skills.

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa