AUN Security Officer Crowned Village Head

AUN Security Officer Crowned Village Head
Kalakuri Istakis Karkacho was a precocious child. He earned the nickname Kaka meaning grandfather for his wisdom beyond his young age. Growing up in kwadadai village in Guyuk, Kalakuri’s childhood was marked by the simple pleasures of a rustic life; farming, hunting, and folk tales.
As the first male child in a polygamous family, he knew early on that the family’s future depended on him. He spent a lot of time in the village square from where he could see the Kiri Dam. He often dreamt of a life in the city and the massive edifice gave him hope for a better life. After his secondary education, he traveled to Yola for a diploma in common law at the College for Legal Studies. 
Kalakuri joined the Security department of the American University of Nigeria on the 13th of June 2014. He was then assigned to the k9 unit. The K9 work with special security dogs. While serving in the unit, he learned how to train dogs to sniff, detect and attack. He also gained certified ICT training from AUN in 2016.
His devotion to duty paid off as he rose through the ranks to the position of assistant head of unit. 
"He was an outstanding security officer who always gets the job done. He also helped in training the new officers assigned to the unit" Assistant Vice President for Security & Safety, Lionel Rawlins said.
After seven years in service, he yearned to return to his ancestral home. The opportunity for a triumphant homecoming came calling in May 2021 when he was chosen as village head of Kwadadai. On Thursday 29th April 2021 an entourage of AUN staff trooped to Guyuk in honor of Kalakuri’s coronation.
New Village Head, Kalakuri and AUN security officers
"My times in AUN are one of the best of my life AUN has equipped me with the capability, training, and leadership to take over this throne," he said.
His ascension to the throne was by no means easy. Seven clans vied for the coveted title. Kalakuri emerged victorious because of his blood lineage to Karkacho , the founder of kwadadai village. The great warrior Karkacho was his great grandfather. The royal lineage skipped a generation when karkacho’s son joined Christian missionaries, turning his back on his traditional heritage. A member of a different clan was then crowned Village Head.
The village king makers, and elders after careful consideration of history decided it was time for the traditional title to return to the rightful heir. With a special dance, members of his clan welcomed the King who performed the traditional rites.  
His Royal Highness, Kuruhaye Dishon Dansanda II, king of all districts, advised Kalakuri to " lead from a place of justice, equity and fairness"."He is a good leader, his village is opportune to have him because he will lead them well". 
The King thanked members of the AUN community for gracing the occasion and providing an able man for the job.
AUN staff, mostly members of the security unit went out in numbers to witness the event and support their former colleague.
"The event was good, very interesting. This is my first time witnessing this event. It’s a hot day but because of the nature of the crowd and the people that came out to support him,  I didn't see the need to feel the heat"  Dr. Rawlins said.
AUN’s Chief Security Officer,  Mrs. Olayide Tolulope Ezekiel  spoke highly of Kalakuri bidding him farewell as he leaves active service in the AUN community  
"I wish him a successful reign and may he live long to rule the kingdom with wisdom and understanding.
Reported by Bitwul Dashe