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AUN Students Receive Diplomas After Excelling in Princeton University's World History Course

AUN Students Receive Diplomas After Excelling in Princeton University's World History Course

Students from the American University of Nigeria (AUN) have excelled in the World History course taught at Princeton University, New Jersey, USA. The School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) students who registered as international students completed the online course, demonstrating the global rating and quality of instruction at AUN.

Dean of SAS Prof. Patrick Fay commended and gave credit to the students for working brilliantly and successfully with the top-ranked college at the special event held by the School at the Commencement Hall Lobby on Friday, November 11, 2022, to honor and celebrate the students' accomplishment. Having a certificate proving your partnership with Princeton University, a highly regarded university in America, is an accomplishment, he said.

Dean Fay continued by stating that the students had been successful in creating their research schedules and posting the outcomes of those schedules on the Global History Dialogues website. In conclusion, the course has much to commend the SAS, AUN students, and faculty.

Prof. Fay recognized the aid and support of Dr. Jeremy Adelman, Nicole Bagman, and Fiona Romaine of Princeton University who were crucial from the beginning to the end of the exchange between AUN and Princeton University.

He added that AUN had previously kept close ties to other universities to provide its students with exposure to those cultures through academic engagement and collaborations. He said that AUN had one or two partnerships like this planned with several foreign universities, one of which was a Research Institution in Cameroon. However, the COVID-19 pandemic sadly put a stop to those plans.

Prof. Umar Hamman-Diram, the coordinator of the AUN's Global History Laboratory, commended the students for their success and urged the current program participants to surpass the accomplishments of the certificate recipients of the day.

The Global History Laboratory program started at AUN in 2021.

Reported by John Abah